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F10 134 Peer Edit Seq II b - Can this essay stand on its...

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English 134 - _____ Essay: Sequence Peer Edit II – b Fall 2010 Title of Essay: _______________________________________________________________ Author of the Essay: ___________________________________________________________ 1) Is there an explicit thesis statement in this essay? Is the thesis implied? In your words as a reader, what do you think the writer is trying to prove? 2) What does the author use as support for the thesis? Does it work? Is this essay fully developed? What else might help prove the author’s point? 3) Does the introduction provide all the information the reader needs?
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Unformatted text preview: Can this essay stand on its own, or does it sound like a school assignment? What could make a stronger introduction? 4) Does the writer include quotes from the interview? Are the quotes introduced clearly? Do they work to advance the thesis? 5) Does the essay use description to create a clear image of the artifact? Does the artifact work towards advancing the thesis? How could the artifact be better used in this essay? Name of Peer Editor: ______________________...
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