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F10 134 Peer Edit Seq II c

F10 134 Peer Edit Seq II c - 4 Step outside of your role as...

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English 134 Essay II: Peer Edit Sequence II – c Fall 2010 Title of Essay: _________________________________________ Author of the Essay: ________________________________________ 1) What is the purpose of this essay? Does the essay prove its point? 2) Is this essay a complete and interesting Profile? Is there anything missing that you would like to know? 3) List any grammatical or mechanical problems that interfere with easy reading of this essay.
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Unformatted text preview: 4) Step outside of your role as a classmate. Would a reader, not knowing the assignment, feel that this was a an insider’s view to the person and/or the stereotype? What would help? 5) What is the best part of this essay? 6) Is this an honest and fair exploration of the stereotype? Would this essay alienate a reader? What would make this essay more accessible to a wider audience? Name of Peer Editor: ______________________...
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