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F10 134 Peer Edit Seq II d - Please indicate on the essay...

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English 134 Essay II: Peer Edit Sequence II – d Fall 2010 Title of Essay: _____________________________________________ Author of the Essay: _____________________________________________ 1) Is this Essay unified? Do all parts connect to make a coherent and cohesive whole? Does this essay blend the interview and artifact response to create the profile? 2) Is the introduction effective? Why? What does the introduction do best? 3) Does the essay flow smoothly? Are there transitions that make the essay flow logically from idea to idea?
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Unformatted text preview: Please indicate on the essay where additional transitions would help. 4) Are the quotations properly introduced or cited, and is there a proper works cited page? What needs to be corrected? 5) Are the photographs properly positioned and have captions and sources? Are the photos integrated into the text as well by reference or implication? 6) Is the conclusion powerful? Why or why not? What could make the conclusion stronger? Name of Peer Editor: ______________________...
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