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F10 134 Writing Responses HO - Engl 134 Fall 2010 HOW TO...

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Unformatted text preview: Engl 134 Fall 2010 HOW TO CREATE STRONG WRITING RESPONSES Think , Describe, Feel, Explain, Interpret , & Analyze Journal Entries: Think of the journal section as an opportunity to write down your thoughts. Think deeply about the subject at hand, and write about what interests you regarding the prompt. A response is just that: a re-action to a text or a question you have been asked. Write down what the prompt makes you think of, how it makes you feel, what it reminds you of, what it makes you want to do about it, etc. The more insightful your response, the more interesting it will be to read or share. This journal is not a diary, so be prepared to read your entries aloud or have them read by others. Entries will not be graded for grammar or mechanics, but still should be easily accessible to a reader. Please write legibly. An insightful response will usually require a full page or more. The journal entries will provide an opportunity for you to practice communicating your ideas in your voice, and help to stimulate...
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