Seq II interview Eduardo

Seq II interview Eduardo - Student Two Name Ms Jan Zahn...

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Student Two Name Ms. Jan Zahn English 134-69 October 17 th , 2009 Getting Past the Surface Basic Info: Eduardo Fakename Grew up in Murrieta, CA 18 years old Favorite color is red likes cake batter 1. How do you define yourself? I consider myself a realist. I think that everything is like there, but at the same time I believe that miracles can happen. I am also a very happy person, so if anything bad were to happen I would power through it rather than just getting depressed you know. I’m kind of a careful person, I don’t like taking risks. I don’t like to put myself out there. 2. What stereotypes do you feel you are placed into? Basic Mexican, people are always like ‘he’s gonna jack me’ or they think I’m a ‘tough guy’ 3. What stereotypes do you put other people into? What did you classify me as when you first met me? I don’t really do that, I more like ‘hey a person’ White people sometimes I but into the ‘preppy b-word’ category White hic-southern Black people - scary 4. How do you judge a person? What about them is important to you? I pretty much get along with everyone, like I’ll talk to anyone and just hang out. Eventually thought I’m like picking out who is nice and who is mean. I generally like people who like the same things I do. I don’t really hang out with people who are avid smokers or drinkers. Honesty is really important because if someone is not honest you can’t trust them. Also they need to be open minded because I am really random sometimes, so yeah
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5. How has your family/group of friends influenced how you interact with the world? Brother – Big party guy, likes to go out and do crazy things. Because I’ve seen like the bad parts
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Seq II interview Eduardo - Student Two Name Ms Jan Zahn...

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