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Seq II interview surfer - Student Name Jan Zahn Engl 134-01...

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Student Name Jan Zahn Engl 134-01 Interview Questions and Answers 13 October 2009 Interview with Ben Burf 1. Where are you from? And did you like your childhood? Ben was born in Carmel Valley, CA. Ben enjoyed his childhood. He spent most of his childhood roaming the woods; doing outdoors stuff. He had fun outside and developed many skills. He was born in Monterey then moved to Carmel Valley then to Hawaii and then to Carmel Valley. 2. When is your birthday? What zodiac sign are you? Ben was born on June 14 th , 1991 and his zodiac sign is a Gemini. 3. Tell me about your family, get along with them? Any brothers or sisters? Ben was raised by his mom because his parents divorced when they were young. He had to get along with his mom, but he loves her and realizes everything that he has done for her. He is an only child. He says his dad is a lazy drunk who lives in England and doesn’t pay child support. 4. What is your favorite thing to do in your free time? And why? Ben likes to surf. He likes to play the guitar and paint, on canvas. He mostly likes to paint landscapes and images. He isn’t easily inspired so when he is, he paints what he feels and sees. He likes to fish, backpack in the Sierras or locally the Santa Lucia’s. He plays many sports, but only swims and plays soccer competitively. 5. I know you swim, so what role has water played in your life? He says it plays a VERY big role. He feels very strong about it. When he moved to Hawaii in 2 nd grade, he fell in love. While in Hawaii, he bodysurfed and snorkeled on the big island, more specifically, Kona. He lived in Hawaii for less than a year, because he and his mom missed their friends on the mainland. When at home, he joined the swim team.
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6. When and how did you start surfing?
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Seq II interview surfer - Student Name Jan Zahn Engl 134-01...

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