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Seq II Interview Tony

Seq II Interview Tony - Student Interview Sample Jan Zahn...

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Student Interview Sample Jan Zahn English 134-67 Seq II Interview Questions & Answers 12 October 2009 Interview with Tony Student Q: Describe your family and the effect they’ve had on you and your goals. A: My family is very close. We work as a unit, everything is out in the open, and we know each other very well. The biggest effect was seeing how my mom and my grandma had grown up. I wanted to work hard, and support them as they grew older. Q: What is your fondest memory from childhood? A: One time, I when I was about two, my mom took me to Kmart to take pictures. This memory stands out because my grandma and everyone raised me as a group and this was a chance for my mom and I to have some time alone together and bond. Q: Who had the greatest influence on you as a child? A: My mom and my grandparents. They worked hard for everything they have, and I wanted to take that idea hard work and use it in my life, and implement it in the way I accomplish my goals.
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Sholes 2 Q: Describe your hometown and the overall attitudes toward minority cultures there. A: Tulare is a town of around 70,000 people. Where I live, it’s an all white neighborhood. They look at me a little differently than others in the neighborhood because they are not used to seeing African American youths exhibit any kind of traits other than those that the stereotypical “ghetto” black kids. Q: What do you like to do in your free time? A: I like to hang out with friends (talking, walking around), play sports, video games, any other thing the typical teenager likes to do.
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Seq II Interview Tony - Student Interview Sample Jan Zahn...

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