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ENGL 134 - Profile assignment copy - ENGL 134 Sinclair Fall...

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ENGL 134 - Sinclair Fall ’11 Sequence II Essay: Profile Someone Who Inspires Change Due: Tuesday, Oct 18th Length: 4-6 pages When we hear the phrase “change the world,” we too often shake our heads in disbelief. After all, the world is a HUGE place – how can one person possibly change it? But what if we thought about change differently? What if we accounted for all the smaller, sometimes invisible actions people take to effect change. Perhaps they are making a more concerted effort to recycle, or bike to work, or get in shape, or learn a new hobby. Perhaps they are involved with on-campus organizations that seek to effect change in the community. Perhaps they are even involved with national organizations that are working to improve people’s lives across the country or even the world. For this assignment, you will profile someone that is working to make change – in themselves, their community, their friends’ or family’s life, in the world. You do not have to be close friends with this individual; indeed, you may not know each other at all. I. The Interview • Choose an interviewee. This person must fit the criteria explained above. The more interesting and knowledgeable your interviewee, the easier this paper will be to write. And, you may actually enjoy writing a paper about someone whose work you find remarkable. Consider people in your community, your dorm, your classrooms (students and instructors). Remember
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ENGL 134 - Profile assignment copy - ENGL 134 Sinclair Fall...

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