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English 134 - Sinclair Fall ’11 Sequence I Essay - Writer’s History Due: Friday, September 23 Length: 2-3 pages For this essay, I am looking for you to step back and look at your role as a writer - reflect on the writer you were, the one you are, and the one you may become - because we do not usually make time for this kind of critical reflection. Use the writing survey you filled out and the essays we will read, to help you understand your history as a writer. For this short, 2-3 page essay, I want you to reflect on your identity as a writer. There are three options here: 1) Focus on two or three important moments in your career as a writer. What writing challenges did you face to get here, and how will writing play a role in your future career? Was there a moment when someone – a parent, a teacher, a friend – influenced you, either positively or negatively? Write about those moments and explain their significance. How do these reflections affect you today? 2)
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