Engl 134 W 11 SYLLABUS

Engl 134 W 11 SYLLABUS - English 134 Stretch: Writing &...

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English 134 Stretch: Writing & Rhetoric—A Workshop WINTER 2011 Ginger Hendrix Office: Jesperson Hall Bldg 116 – Office 107 Office Hours: Mondays & Wednesdays 12:30 – 2:00 pm Contact: ghendrix@calpoly.edu , 756-7044 “Who will teach me to write? a reader wanted to know. The page, the page, that eternal blankness, the blankness of eternity which you cover slowly, affirming time’s scrawl as a right and your daring as necessity; the page, which you cover woodenly, ruining it, but asserting your freedom and power to act, acknowledging that you ruin everything you touch but touching it nevertheless, because acting is better than being here in mere opacity; the page, which you cover slowly with the crabbed thread of your gut; the page in the purity of its possibilities; the page of your death, against which you pit such flawed excellences as you can muster with all your life’s strength: that page will teach you to write.” ~ Annie Dillard, Writing Life class overview This course acts as the extension of our previous quarter together in English 102, and we will continue to lean in and improve our writing together. Along with the sum total of what we accomplished together last quarter and all that we’ll achieve this quarter, we will have accomplished these expressed goals (as agreed to by all 134 instructors at this university): To understand the writing act as a means of exploring and expressing ideas. To approach the act of writing as a recursive process that includes drafting, revising, editing, and proofreading. To develop and apply rhetorical awareness of audiences and to use this awareness to assess audiences and to adjust utterances to the audience at hand. To understand the major organizational strategies and to apply these strategies effectively with reference to specific audiences. To become aware of the major stylistic options such as voice, tone, figurative language, and point of view and to apply these options with rhetorical appropriateness. To apply the above objectives so as to write essays that are unified, coherent, and free of significant grammatical, usage, and spelling errors. To read critically in such a way as to understand and to derive rhetorical principals and tactics that can be applied both in writing and in critical reading of other students’ papers. To apply all the above principles in in- and out-of-class original writing of not less than 4000 words our texts & supplies Writing Today, Richard Johnson-Sheehan (excerpted & available on Blackboard) Celebrity Writing in America, William Vesterman, ed. Fresh Voices: Composition at Cal Poly 2010 - 2011, Brenda Helmbrecht, ed . The Writing Life , Annie Dillard A Writer’s Reference, Diana Hacker A variety of additional articles available on our class Blackboard site Four manila folders & one journal
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English 134 Stretch—HENDRIX Page 2 the work of the class The following are short descriptions of what we will be tackling together this quarter. I reserve the right to add or
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Engl 134 W 11 SYLLABUS - English 134 Stretch: Writing &...

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