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English 134--Hendrix Essay #2: Family Discovery Essay Your family is full of people that you probably feel like you already know. Choose one member of your family—preferably someone a grandparent’s age or older—and interview them about their life. The goal of this essay project is for you to do as much research as possible about a person you thought you knew. Surely start by interviewing the person you’ve chosen (if they are still alive), but don’t stop there. Include additional family members or others who know the person well. Write an essay where you offer and reflect what you’ve discovered. Your essay should highlight what you discovered that you never knew and are surprised or interested to find out. My Thoughts About This Just as in your very first essay about your writing life, the temptation of this essay will be
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Unformatted text preview: to write something that seems closer to a story than to an essay. Remember that the primary difference between story and essay is really just the amount and clarity of reflection that you offer as the writer ABOUT the story. Tell a story, and you’re a storyteller; tell a story and reflect on the story’s significance or interest to you, and you are an essay writer. Due Dates & Such Solid thesis due in class Monday, Jan 31 st Draft for writing groups due in class Wednesday, Feb 2 nd Final draft due in folder with drafts and cover letter Thursday, Feb 3rd Please use MLA citation (both in-text and works cited) to document the interview sources that you use for your essay—these guidelines are available in your Writer’s Reference guide....
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