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Essay #4: Writing Life Revisited Essay English 134—Hendrix The Task We’ve been reading Annie Dillard’s The Writing Life . Her book is chock full of metaphors for what it’s like to be a writer. For this essay, you are to write a reflection on your own writing life using one of Dillard’s metaphors as a central hub for your ideas. You are to pull off two things primarily: find a metaphor that helps you to say something difficult to say; deliver a reflection on the metaphor that shows your ability to pull together pieces of abstract thought with concrete details. This is a personal essay, so will require support from your own writing life. Remember, too, that you have your first writing life essay to use as an additional source for supporting material. My Thoughts About This
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Unformatted text preview: Metaphors are particularly helpful for talking about things that are otherwise difficult to explain. This is your chance to reflect on your own writing life and to use one of Dillard’s metaphors to help you. At the outset, it might be easy to be overwhelmed by all that Dillard’s included in her book, but I’d encourage you to just start writing about whatever metaphor speaks to you—you’ll find something valuable to say. Due Dates & Such Solid Draft for Writing Groups due in class Monday, March 7 th . Readers upload their essays to Blackboard by 7 pm Monday, March 7 th . Final essay due in a manila folder with cover letter and all drafting work to my office during our finals week meeting time. What Have We Learned that Should Show Up in this Essay?...
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