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ew _9 early writing for essay _4

ew _9 early writing for essay _4 - There are any number of...

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EW #9: Early Writing for Essay #4 I’d like for you to have the full hour today to begin writing for your final essay project. This essay offers a wide open chance for reflection about your current perspective on your writing life. This essay is a chance to articulate what you’ve discovered about yourself as a writer. Remember the obvious: this is early writing. It shouldn’t be perfect. It shouldn’t be shiny. This hour is a chance for you to sit and think for yourself with the aid of a computer. Use it wisely, as I’m sure that the rest of your life right now (at the end of the quarter where all commitments are battling for #1 priority) may not offer you the chance to do just one thing.
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Unformatted text preview: There are any number of ways to begin writing for this essay project. Here are two: 1) You can begin with the metaphor. If you’ve chosen the metaphor that you’d like to focus your essay upon, then begin by freewriting about it. What appeals to you about the metaphor? What can you see as you stare at it? How do you place yourself in the metaphor? (If you do) 2) You can begin with you. Take a look at your first essay (if you can access to it today) in order to remember where you began. The question before you in this essay is really “Where have you come? To receive credit for today’s writing work, upload your draft to the digital drop box....
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