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Essay #1: A Re-Visioning of Generation Q Essay English 134—Hendrix At the close of last quarter, you wrote your first openly persuasive essay in response to Thomas Friedman’s op-ed article, “Generation Q.” This is your chance to take that essay in whatever drafting stage you left it and to make it better. Specifically, it’s your chance to use the tool of the classical rhetoric to give your essay more structure. Begin by breaking your essay down in terms of the pieces of the classical rhetoric and then assess the pieces. Here are some of my thoughts about where to begin: Does the divisio say exactly what you mean? Is the exordium interesting enough to make someone who doesn’t know you want to read your essay? Is the narratio thorough enough for a reader outside of our class to be up to speed on Friedman’s article? Is the confirmatio broken down into digestible pieces for the reader? (Too many
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Unformatted text preview: ideas bunched up into one paragraph will leave the reader confused or overwhelmed.) Are the ideas followed by good reasons for someone to agree with you? • Does the essay include a refutatio —some sense that you can see either the weakness of your perspective or the way that a reader could feel skeptical about your stance? • Is the peroratio working as hard as it could? Does it leave us still thinking about your divisio ? This assignment is an exercise in analysis as much as it is a work to revise your essay toward greatness. Points will be given as follows: Cover Letter 25 points Assessed Draft 25 points Final Draft 50 points Total Project 100 points This essay project is due in class on Tuesday, January 18 th . Read Around for this essay is now scheduled for Wednesday, January 19 th and Thursday, January 20 th ....
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