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handout--integrating quotations - Using Quotations in Your...

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Using Quotations in Your Essay English 134--Hendrix Borrowed from Dr. A. Wiley, winter 2011who borrowed it from L. Boyd, winter 1996. We’ve discussed together the way that using other people’s thoughts or ideas to support your own ideas is very much like standing on a stage with very smart people who agree with you, but having only one microphone for the whole lot of you. Your job as the essay writer is to control the mic: the reader should hear your voice most often, and they should see you handing the mic off to another thinker and then taking it back whenever you include the voice of someone else in your own essay. Stay in Control of the Microphone Too many quotations, too many voices, can overpower your own. Quotations should fit into your argument, not appear out of thin air. They should be grammatically consistent with the rest of your essay. If punctuation, pronouns, and verb tenses don't flow with your own words, paraphrase and cite the needed material, or make minor changes within the quotation, surrounding them with brackets [ ]. All quotations should be unobtrusive. Quote only sentences, passages, or words that are especially succinct, memorable, or powerful. Save direct quotations for brilliant comments, controversial statements, certain statistics, and personal testimony that you believe will strengthen your argument. If a quotation is long, or if you can say it better or more concisely, paraphrase it (restate it in your own words). Remember, you must indicate a source even when paraphrasing . Keep paraphrasing to a minimum because it is your ideas, your argument, that counts to convince your readers. Always integrate quotations into your text. NEVER DROP A QUOTATION IN YOUR ESSAY.
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handout--integrating quotations - Using Quotations in Your...

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