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Breanna Jameson Mr. Oliver CLT 3378-09 2 March 2011 Creation The origin of the gods one worships and how man and earth were created seems to be a common topic in most cultures’ myths. Each culture has their own belief of how their god(s) made man and the earth. Greco-Roman, Babylonian, and Judaic creation/succession myths have similar ideas of how these things came to be, but also differ greatly. Common creations found in either one, two, or all three of these myths are, the eventual creation of man, the separate creation of woman, and a flood that wipes out the human race and leads to a repopulation of mankind. Each culture incorporates at least some of these specific creations into their myths; however each has their own twist in the reasons for why these certain beings were created but at the same time share some of the same ideas of why things are the way they are. The Greco-Roman creation myth is found in the Theogony by Hesiod. The myth states what gods were the first gods to come into being: Chaos, Gaia, and Eros. 1 Gaia bears Ouranos, and they then create the Titans, Cyclopes, and the Hundred-handed. 2 The fact that these were the three gods that first came into being is the first instance of creation in this myth. Gaia is the earth and earth is the matter at which we live upon and in this myth Gaia is the god that all other gods came from, and love/desire creates the attraction between two people which is the inspiration of reproduction, even for the gods. Therefore, the gods reproduce and eventually Zeus is born who becomes the ruler of the heavens. It is he who then is able to control the outcome of the races of 1 Hesiod, Theogony and Works and Days, tr. Hugh G.Evelyn-White, 1-3. 2 Ibid, 1-3.
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man that live under his rule. Hesiod’s Works and Days , describes these races of man that lead up to the mankind that now lives on the earth. 3 Like Hesiod’s other myth of how the gods came to be, the humans that now live on earth came from a succession of other races that were destroyed for different reasons, and as the races progress so does the amount of sorrow and toil present. Therefore, hinting that mankind is not necessarily a good thing that was created and people
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ancient myth - Breanna Jameson Mr Oliver CLT 3378-09 2...

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