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ancient myth 2 - Breanna Jameson CLT 3378-09 12 April 2011...

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Breanna Jameson CLT 3378-09 12 April 2011 Tricksters are not Villains Most think that tricksters are the cause of all evil in myths and should be considered a villain. However, according to Webster’s Dictionary the definition of a villain is   a cruelly malicious person who is involved in or devoted to wickedness or crime. The definition of a trickster, on the other hand, is a supernatural figure appearing in various guises and typically engaging in mischievous activities, important in the folklore and mythology of many primitive peoples. The sly, trickster character in a myth is considered to be an important character because they are usually the creators of the climax. However, tricksters are different from villains, because they create challenges for only the protagonist and no one else. Unlike villains, tricksters are different and do not always appear in human form, do not necessarily play by the rules, and usually rely on their ability to cunningly tempt the protagonist into doing what they want. The trickster character in Genesis is in a form of an enticing, soft-spoken serpent and appears to Eve in the lush green Garden of Eden. He uses his charms and lies to trick Eve into eating something that is forbidden to her. The serpent plays dirty and uses the previous command that was given to Eve to make her re-think if what was told to her is indeed true or not. He does this by making her believe that she will not die from eating of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, because God only forbid it so that he could be the only one with such knowledge. 1 Therefore, the fact that this character is displayed as a serpent, a creature that the myth tells us is 1 Genesis , RSV, 134.
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the slyest of all creatures, is one of the obvious reasons why he earns the title of being a trickster. Even though, the serpent’s temptations did lead to Adam and Eve getting punished, the punishment was nothing close to death. Needing to work in order to earn a living and having physical pain in childbirth are both challenges that man and woman can overcome as a result of gaining the ultimate knowledge of knowing good from evil. 2
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ancient myth 2 - Breanna Jameson CLT 3378-09 12 April 2011...

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