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Breanna Jameson ANT 2410-1 15 October 2010 List of Scenes for Group A Person becomes deathly ill, and whispers name of sei killing them to a close relative. Person dies. Close relatives gather a group of people from their aa and other surrounding aas to perform a raid upon the sei’s aa to kill the sei . The raiders will gather around the sei’s aa and attack at dawn. (Two of the men spend the night to ensure
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Unformatted text preview: sei does not escape, and others come later in the night.) 1. Victim gets ill. 2. Sei leaves the body form of himself. 3. Sei kills the victim. 4. Angered relatives go gather other people from surrounding aas to be in the raiding group. 5. Two specific people go over to the sei’s aa first to spend the night outside of it. 6. Whole group surrounds the sei’s aa later in the night....
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