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playwright anthro 2 - 10 The Gisaro dancers then run out of...

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Breann Jameson ANT 2410-01 5 November 2010 List of Scenes Expected From Group D Miy w : 1. They decide to do a Gisaro. 2. “Invitations” are sent out to gather up dancers. 3. Everything is kept a secret 4. The dancers practice their songs and the costumes are put together 5. They put the costumes on and get ready to walk over to the aa where they are performing the Gisaro. 6. Women are sent ahead. Men and youths gather plants to strengthen their endurance and touch-up their makeup and costumes. They give an ulab when they are ready. 8. Ilib Kuw lead the group out of the forest with their drums, women first who line up on one side of the houseyard.
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Unformatted text preview: 10. The Gisaro dancers then run out of the forest throwing plants and fish poison at the people. 11. Ilib Kuw people and women go into the aa and the dancers and chorus people withdraw to one side of the houseyard (in silence). • Aa bish : 7. Women and girls are swaying, stamping and cheering on the veranda and a return ulab is given. 9. Men come out of the aa with axes and bows and gather into their own rousing ulab. 12. Make ribald jokes to/about the dancers and chorus people, trying to make them lose their composure. 13. Evening falls and the torches are lit....
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