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Breanna Jameson ANT 2410-01 5 November 2010 Questions for Group D 1. Although the sexual references in the jokes are directed at an embarrassing male secret, what is the other excitement that it reflects? ---- Elopement. 2. In all Kaluli ceremonies do the dancers throw magical substances and sit conspicuously apart or is that only for Gisaro? ---- No this just happens for the Gisaro. 3. Why do the hosts forget their usual manners towards their guests? --- Because they are too caught up in the excitement of the upcoming performance and the awkwardness that
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Unformatted text preview: the dancers’ silence brings. 4. In the specific Gisaro that Schieffelin writes about, the aa bish women that are wearing headdresses and long skirts dance what dance in the yard as the visiting women and Ilib Kuw people line up along the side of the longhouse? --- Sosomaya. 5. Why do the Kaluli not characterize their ceremonies as times of sexual license and would deplore anyone’s thinking so? --- Because of their straitlaced attitude toward sex....
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