Justin Gardner Assingment 3

Justin Gardner Assingment 3 - with-connectu 7 Google’s...

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Justin Gardner Cis 110-102s Assignment #3 1. April 7 th , 1969 the title was Host software and it develops and promotes internet standards. a. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_were_the_title_date_of_publication_ and_purpose_of_the_internet_engineering_task_force %27d_REC_1_document 2. To develop web standards a. http://www.w3.org/Consortium/ 3. It teaches about cyber bullying, plagiarism, and online predators. a. http://aolanswers.com/questions/topic_film_adinas_deck_address_627 091867380663 4. 41 journalists killed, 2 media assistants killed, 154 journalists imprisoned, 9 media assistants imprisoned, and 122 netizens imprisoned. a. http://en.rsf.org/press-freedom-barometer-journalists-killed.html? annee=2011 5. It was originally named Echobay and the item was a broken laser pointer. a. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_was_eBays_original_name_and_wh at_was_the_first_item_offered_for_auction 6. They sued Facebook over who originated the social network. a. http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/06/26/judge-ends-facebooks-feud-
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Unformatted text preview: with-connectu/ 7. Google’s 411 service is free a. http://techcrunch.com/2007/04/06/google-launches-free-411-business/ 8. They came from Google 9. Sierra Club, Tree People, National Resource, Defense Council, Heal the Bay, Rainforest Alliance, Healthy Child, Healthy World, The Remedee Foundation 10. make them your homepage, tell your friends, join the team, advertise on EcoSearch and reach people who care about our planet, make a donation 11. EcoSearch donates 100% of its profits to organizations that help the environment. Every search done on Google, it donates money to help the environment. They plan to donate $15,000,000 dollars to help the world around us. If one does 40 searches a day on EcoSearch or Google, they will be earning $306.60 every day that will be donated to help our environment. 12. Trend-web.blogspot.com is nominated for quite a few groups. It was nominated by Serzhgray. It is a blog about we design and the internet workings out....
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Justin Gardner Assingment 3 - with-connectu 7 Google’s...

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