8_Lipids - VIII. Liipiids VIII. L p ds Functiion of...

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Unformatted text preview: VIII. Liipiids VIII. L p ds Functiion of lliipiids Funct on of p ds structural: building blocks of cell membranes information transfer: hormones energy storage: fat Structure of lliipiids Structure of p ds Fatty aciids Fatty ac ds The simplest of lipids is an amphipatic molecule, it consists of polar head (carboxyl) and a non-polar, alkyl (CH2)n tail. HO O polar non-polar Fatty acids make spherical micelles in water, ails forming the inside while polar heads stick out on the surface. Trii-acyllgllycerolls Tr -acy g ycero s Condensation of fatty acids and glycerol results in triacylglycerols. Adipose tissue is made primarily of tri-acylglycerols (fat). Phospholliipiids Phospho p ds A special class are phospho-ester of dia-acyl-glycerol, phospholipids. O O + CH 3 (CH 2)14 (CH 2)14 O CH 3-N +-(CH 2)2-O-P-O CH 3 O O CH 3 CH 3 O- - zwitterion Two fatty acid chains are joined to glycerol backbone, the third hydroxyl of glycerol has phospho- derivative of sugars, amines, a variety of groups often charged constituting polar head. Heads are often zwitterions: they have both +ve and -ve charge. Phospholipids make in water a bilayer sandwich: heads out - acyl chains in. Bilayer sandwich is a basic component of cell membranes. Steroiids Stero ds Steroids are honorary lipids, they are made of a fused ring system with small acyl tail. Chollesteroll Cho estero most common of the steroids, part of membranes, precursor of hormones. Testosterone Testosterone OH CH3 CH 3 O male sex hormone Progesterone Progesterone O CH 3 CH 3 O female sex hormone ...
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8_Lipids - VIII. Liipiids VIII. L p ds Functiion of...

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