Unit I Exam-A Spr11 Reg KEY-1

Unit I Exam-A Spr11 Reg KEY-1 - BSC 2011-02 UNIT I EXAM -...

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BSC 2011-02 UNIT I EXAM - FORM A SPRING 2011 Name, please: _________ ANSWERS AT THE END _____________ DIRECTIONS: Please bubble in the letter of the single best choice for each question on your scantron. Then please write your name on the last page of this exam, tear off that page, and write your essay. 1. What term describes molecules present in an unfertilized egg cell that function as signals that direct early embryonic development? A) G-proteins B) cytoplasmic determinants C) acrosomal proteins D) yolk E) tRNAs 2. What occurs most immediately after fertilization? A) zygote growth B) zygote cleavage C) blastula growth D) blastula cleavage E) zygote differentiation 3. The hollow tube that forms inside an embryo during embryonic gastrulation is called the _______. A) coelom B) blastocoel C) gastrocoel D) archenteron E) primitive streak 4. Which of the following most directly serves to establish the fertilization envelope? A) hydrolytic enzymes B) the acrosomal reaction C) the cortical reaction D) bindin E) bicoid 5. The outer–to-inner pattern of the different germ-tissue layers that comprise an animal embryo is _____. A) mesoderm – ectoderm – endoderm B) mesoderm – endoderm – ectoderm C) endoderm – mesoderm – ectoderm D) ectoderm – mesoderm – endoderm E) ectoderm – endoderm - mesoderm 6. The blastopore opening is formed in a sea urchin embryo by _______. A) ingression of primary mesenchyme cells B) involution of primary mesenchyme cells C) invagination of the fertilization envelope D) involution of the zygote cell membrane E) invagination of surface cells 7. Which of the following accurately distinguishes a pluripotent human cell from a multipotent human cell from the same individual? A) the pluripotent cell has half the number of chromosomes as the multipotent cell B) the multipotent cell has more genes C) genes are regulated in the pluripotent cell but not in the multipotent cell D ) determination has progressed further in the multipotent cell E) the pluripotent cell lacks heterochromatin 8. For a molecular signal to evoke a specific cellular response, it must first interact with a(an) ________. A) receptor B) transducer C) gene D) transfer RNA molecule E) enzyme 9. Mutations in an organism’s Hox genes would likely result in the improper development of _____. A. the notochord B. the spinal cord C. the spinal column D. the archenteron E. appendages 10. Heterochrony involves ____. A. changes in the timing of developmental-gene expression B. changes in the proteins coded for by some developmental genes C. changes in an organism’s appearance during development due to environmental stimuli E. none of the above 11. A rod of mesodermal tissue under the dorsal surface of a late frog gastrula is called the ____. A. notochord
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Unit I Exam-A Spr11 Reg KEY-1 - BSC 2011-02 UNIT I EXAM -...

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