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Significance The relationship between Jakob’s scientific and cultural values determined the success that he had in his field. Jakob’s scientific and cultural values are closely paralleled. His resistance to change and the blending of fields are aspects that have an effect on his career. He talks about the parallel between music and science. “Without music and the exact way of thinking about the world it inspired, this physical institute wouldn’t be here and neither would he or they.” [Page 67] Jakob’s scientific take on technology differed greatly from the current cultural application of technology. He supported the use of science in technology for the advancement of society, but was not
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Unformatted text preview: comfortable with the use of physics and other sciences in the creation of the devastating weapons and technology used in war. [Page 78] In the same way that Jakob had objections to technologists, he resented how artists also attempted to assert their superiority over scientists. [Page 83] Jakob did not like how technologists and others thought of their fields as superior to science. He detested the blending within the field of science as well; he wanted to keep chemistry, math and physics separate from each other. Theoretical physics was the embodiment of this blending and therefore held him back in his work....
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