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MANAGING CHANGE - When resistance is due to misinformation...

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MANAGING CHANGE: What is change? o An alteration of an organization’s environment, structure, technology, or people. Kurt Lewin’s Three-Step Process: o Unfreezing : o Changing : o Refreezing : Three areas where change can occur: o Structure o Technology o People Why people resist change: o Fear of the unknown o Fear of losing something of value o Belief that change is not good for the organization Reducing resistance to change: o TECHNIQUE WHEN USED o Education and
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Unformatted text preview: When resistance is due to misinformation communication o Participation When resisters have the expertise to make a contribution o Facilitation and When resisters are fearful and anxiety-ridden support o Negotiation Necessary when resistance comes from a powerful group o Manipulation When a powerful group’s cooperation and an endorsement is needed o Coercion When a powerful group’s endorsement is needed o •...
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