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List of Tricks Heelside Indy Grab: Jump the wake with a heelside jump, grabbing the board on the toe side in between your feet and pull up slightly. Backflip with Toeside Grab: Jump the wake on either side and once airborne look up and lean back as much as possible while grabbing your board. Method: Bring your feet back and grab your board on the heelside. Air Raley: Once airborne swing your legs back until you are in a superman position. Driver's Instructions 1. For your boat and your skier's safety, make sure you are at least 100 feet from the shoreline 2. Once the skier is in the water, make sure the rope is clear and bring the throttle slightly out of neutral. Warning : Before the boat is out of neutral the rope must be out from under the boat because it can get caught in the propeller and cause serious damage. 3. When the rope is taught, if the skier is struggling to get ready, put the boat in reverse for a split second then into neutral to stop the boat.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Wait for the skier to get ready, and when they say so tighten the rope again. 5. One the rope is tightened again, accelerate quickly to bring the skier out of the water. 6. When the skier's board is flat on the water, bring the throttle down to keep the speed around 20 mph. 7. Keep the speed constant and watch to see if the skier falls or gives any of the hand signals shown on the next page. 8. When the skier does fall, turn the boat around to go get them by driving in a half circle around them making sure that the skier can reach the rope 9. If the skier misses the rope, continue to go around them until they have the rope in their hand. 10. When the skier is done skiing, they will give you the “back to the dock” hand signal and when you go to pick them up stop the boat by reversing slightly and putting the boat in neutral and allow them to get on the boat. 11. Roll up the rope or get ready for the next skier. 13 6...
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