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List of Tricks Scarecrow: Front roll with a frontside 180 Skeezer: A switchstance toeside front roll with frontside 360. Slim Chance: A heelside front flip with a frontside 360. Slim Chance 540: A heelside front flip with a frontside 540 S-Bend: Heelside raley with an overhead backside 360. Both hands over head S-Bend to Blind: S-Bend with a backside 180 S-Bend 720: Heelside Raley with two overhead backside 360's. Both hands overhead Slowball: An extremely stalled out heelside Front Flip where the body is kept very straight Slurpy: Rider approached the wake with both hands behind back and performs a toeside backroll with a backside 360 S-Mobe: An S-bend with a frontside handle-pass 360 on the way down. Special K: A Toeside Backroll to blind approached with both
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Unformatted text preview: hands behind the back. Speedball: Heelside double Front Flip Spiderman: A heelside tantrum with a backside 360. Handle rotated over the head with the backhand. Basically a whirlybird with the back hand on the handle Square Raley: A Raley done without the use of the wake. Switch Front w/backside 360: A switchstance front flip with a backside 360 Tantrum: A heelside backflip Tantrum to Fakie: Tantrum with a frontside 180. Tantrum to Blind: A tantrum with an indy grab and a backside 180 Temper Tantrum: A double Tantrum Toeside Backroll: A toeside backflip. Toeside Roll To Blind (G-spot): A toeside back roll with a wrapped/handle-pass backside 180. 7 13...
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