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puttingontheboard - forward and the rope on top of the...

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Putting on the Board 1. Dip the board in the water. 2. Loosen the bindings. 3. Put your feet in one at a time. You may need dish soap or some sort of lubricant to make it easier. 4. Once your feet are in tighten the bindings. 5. Put your life jacket on. 6. Grab the rope and jump, slide, or fall in the water and you are ready to start. Getting Up 1. Lay back and relax while the rope tightens. 2. When the rope is tight get into a crouched position with your elbows around your knees, your toes pointed slightly
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Unformatted text preview: forward, and the rope on top of the board. 3. When the boat starts to move hold on to the rope and treat it as if it were a hand helping you up. Don't pull because that will throw you off balance. 4. Stay crouched until your board flattens out over the water. 5. Now slowly stand up with your knees bent and with about 60% of your weight on your back foot. The board will naturally turn. 6. Keep the rope about hip level and ride. You are now wakeboarding! 9 10...
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