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sizechart - starts to rotate and you will faceplant Don't...

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Frequently Asked Questions What if I don't get up on my first try? I don't think anyone gets up on their first try; it comes with practice. Keep trying it will get easier as you go. How can I get more air? More air comes with more speed. You have to go as far outside of the wake as you can and point the board at the wake going as fast as possible. How do I stop faceplanting every time I jump? When you jump in the air most people have a tendency to look down to see how high they are, but in wakeboarding as soon as you look down your body
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Unformatted text preview: starts to rotate and you will faceplant. Don't look down and you will not faceplant. How can I work on my balance? Balance is the hardest part of wakeboarding. Water skiing is a good way to get better at balancing on water, because it is easier to balance on two skis rather than one. Why do my legs hurt the next day? Even though wakeboarding is a lot of fun, it is still a type of exercise, and you will use a lot of muscles that are not used to being worked so you will be sore. 5 14...
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