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Unformatted text preview: 120 SW 13 th st. Gainesville, FL 32601 October 31, 2011 Oliver Thomas Chief Operating Officer and Public Relations Department Electric Company Gainesville, FL 32601 Dear Mr. Thomas: Due to the continued inquiries about electromagnetic fields (EMFs), an information campaign was designed to learn about the complaints the customers have concerning EMFs. Considering the results of the information campaign, the company must educated the concerned public about what it is doing to lower the harm caused by EMFs. Although there are many benefits to high voltage power lines the number of complaints that the EMFs created by these power lines is possibly linked to childhood leukemia must be addressed. With the results of our survey, our findings on EMF's relation to leukemia must be broadcast in newspapers and on television because that is where our customers have received most of their information on EMFs. To fully minimize our customer's concerns we must be able to educate our customers on our findings...
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