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Your Expos Cheat Sheet - Expos 101 11 1 Your Expos 101...

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Expos 101: 11 1 Your Expos 101 Cheat Sheet Introduction 1. Introduce the general topic of your paper in a way that is broader than your focus, but not a generalization. (1-3 sentences) - WEAK: “Everyone has instincts which determine what they do” - BETTER: “ All animals, including humans, have certain basic instincts that are not learned, but naturally acquired.” 2. Introduce the writers you are using and their texts. (1-3 sentences) - Author’s full name and full article title - What is the main point of their article that you want to address for each? - It may be helpful to define important terms here (e.g. “argument culture” or “dissociation”) 3. Lead into your thesis (1-2 sentences) - What is the relationship between the positions of the writers you are using? - What is interesting about the conversation you are putting them in? - Make it clear the link between the articles and your thesis. 4. Your Thesis (1-2 sentences) - Make sure it builds upon the discussion of your introduction - Make it significant, clear, focused, and specific. Body Paragraphs - Have a main idea (topic sentence) that supports your thesis - Addresses 2 authors and uses quotes from each. - Furthers the development of your project and connects with the paragraph before and after A. Paragraph Formula for Making Connections CI I Q1 E T Q2
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Your Expos Cheat Sheet - Expos 101 11 1 Your Expos 101...

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