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Developing your Thesis throughout the paper “Five Paragraph Essay” Thesis example 1 example 2 example 3 etc. (para. 1) (para. 2) (para. 3) - Paragraphs and examples are interchangeable (e.g. the order could go 3,1,2) - Little relationship between examples - Harder to develop or complicate thesis - claim, then examples A Good Expos Essay 3 etc. 2 + (second emerging thesis) Thesis para 1 + ----------------------------- greater complication and development - Builds towards complexity and development of thesis, so that a sufficient claim is made by the end - Paragraphs build on the claims of previous paragraphs (logic works this way- you need to have paragraph 1 before the reader can understand paragraph 2, etc.) - “build on” can mean different things: o complicate previous claims o contradict previous claims o offer solutions to the problem you have laid out
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Unformatted text preview: o offer supporting evidence o make a different connection that complicates a previous one-May contain second emerging thesis that takes your paper in a slightly different direction. This is a second claim that: o offers a solution to the problem you have outlined o thinks about the problem in a unique way (complication) if you provide a complication that could serve to undercut your claim, make sure you “disarm” this complication. Use this as an opportunity to bolster your claim, not completely contradict it. o a second, but related claim-proving your thesis by proceeding logically to a claim o Your claim is still up front at the thesis, but rather than assuming that it is already proved, you work toward substantiating it by the end of your paper...
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