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Paragraph Worksheet - COMPLICATION). This can be more than...

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Paragraph Worksheet 1. TopicSentence/Claim: what you are trying to show in the paragraph This sentence is the one where you tell your reader how you will contribute to your project in this particular paragraph. It should express an idea, or an observation about the issue you are addressing, rather than a detached statement of fact, or a quote, or an idea directly taken from one of the readings. It should be yours. e.g.Although society values individual intelligence, complex systems are often better at arriving at smart solutions for societal problems. 2. Introduction to first quotation (with proper punctuation) - A brief “set-up” where you highlight for the reader what you w ant them to look at in the quotation - A suggestion of how the quotation relates to your claim, either by supporting it, or offering a contrasting perspective. 3. FIRST QUOTATION 4. ANALSYSIS of QUOTATION (think re-phrasing, re-quoting, putting in context). 5. Transition sentence ( for this exercise use a FRAME-CASE, DEVELOPMENT, or
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Unformatted text preview: COMPLICATION). This can be more than one sentence. 6. Introductory sentence 2 ( This sentence sets up your next quotation. Tell your reader what to look for when they are reading. See point 2 above.) 7. Second Quotation Idea or example? (If your first quote is an example, then use an idea here- you do not want 2 example quotes in your paragraph) 8. Analysis of Second Quotation 9. Concluding sentences: highlight the connection Paragraph transition Bring the first author/quote back into the discussion. This is the 2 nd place in this paragraph where you should highlight YOUR connection between the two authors. Explain how the two quotes have helped you to develop your claim in this paragraph. Then use your paragraph transition to move from the main idea of this paragraph to the claim you will make in the very first sentence of the next paragraph. Always be conscious of the idea that connects this paragraph to the next one. This should be more than 1 sentence....
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Paragraph Worksheet - COMPLICATION). This can be more than...

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