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Revising the Introductory and Concluding Paragraphs The Introduction: Treat the paper’s first paragraph as a contract with the reader. The implicit promise made is that the purpose and contents announced in the introductory paragraph will in fact be what the rest of the paper delivers. As a rule of thumb, any paper written in the Writing Program should include the following in its introductory paragraph (though not necessarily in this order): 1. Mention of the full titles of the essays discussed, using the authors’ first and last names 2. A thumbnail description of each essay’s argument and/or purpose. Generally, this should not be more than a sentence, and can even be limited to a brief appositive phrase. 3. A statement of purpose that responds to the assignment’s main question, without being an exact restatement of it. 4. An initial statement of the thesis, position, argument, findings, etc. 5.
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