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Question 4, Pg 14 a) The new antiviral drug prevents colds. b) The volunteers taking the new antiviral drug are the experimental group. The volunteers taking the placebos are the control group. c) The experimental variable is the antivirus in the antiviral drug. To elaborate, the only difference between the placebo and the antiviral drug is what the pills contain. Some control variables might be the color of the pill, the age of the volunteers, the health status of the volunteers, the city or area where the volunteers live should be the same or similar,
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Unformatted text preview: in weather especially, and possibly the occupations and lifestyles of the volunteers. d) In order to tentatively accept the hypothesis, there should be fewer or no volunteers with colds in the experimental group. To tentatively reject the hypothesis, the number of volunteers who develop colds should be similar in both the experimental and control group, or there should be more volunteers in the experimental group who developed colds....
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