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Chapter 3 and 4 Bio

Chapter 3 and 4 Bio - 6 C has flagella This is the correct...

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6. C. has flagella. This is the correct answer because positive and negative taxis are only possible with motile bacteria. Motile bacteria are bacteria that can move independently. Independent movement is only possible with the extracellular structure flagella. Therefore, the bacteria would have to have flagella in order to be motile and demonstrate negative taxis. 7. B. Dr. Baker orders a drug for a Gram-negative infection of the blood. The drug causes rapid killing of the bacterial cells. This is the correct answer because a drug that causes rapid killing of bacterial cells is a bactericidal agent. If Gram-negative cells are killed in large numbers, then large amounts of lipopolysaccharides would be released into the blood stream. This would likely induce shock. With a Gram-negative infection of the blood, a bacteriostatic drug should have been prescribed. A bacteriostatic drug would have just prevented the bacteria from reproducing.
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