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Chapter 5 Bio - specific, especially if the host is humans....

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Koch’s postulates involve isolating organisms from an infected animal that are believed to be the cause of the infection and independently grow them in culture. Then the different organisms are injected into other animals that could contract a disease. After incubation period, all but one injected animal survives. The organism that killed the injected animal is isolated and determined as the cause of the disease. A disease in which these postulates would be useless for would be a disease that is host
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Unformatted text preview: specific, especially if the host is humans. Kochs postulates could not be used to determine a disease that can only cause infection in humans because there is no way to follow the second and third postulate. Hypothetically, although doctors could isolate suspected organisms and inject them into other humans in order to determine which is the infectious agent, this is not ethically possible in this world....
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