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Chapter 6 Bio - Adenine and thymine are the same...

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1. If a DNA molecule consisted of 28% guanine, then there would be 28% cytosine, 22% adenine, and 22% thymine. This is because the sum of all of these would be 100%. Guanine and cytosine are the same percentages because they are complementary, and so there will always be the same number of cytosine bases as there are guanine bases.
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Unformatted text preview: Adenine and thymine are the same percentages because they are complementary bases. 2. The sequence of bases for the mRNA would be A-U-G-U-U-U-G-C-C-U-G-G-C-U. Guanine and cytosine are still complementary; however, adenine is now the complement of uracil....
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