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1. To me, metabolism is all of the energy processes in your body. Also, metabolism is the reason I am always hungry and eat 6 or more small meals a day. I have a fast metabolism and therefore use energy quickly, and need to replenish my body numerous times throughout the day. Metabolism, to me, relates to sports and physical activity. 2. 1 – How your body processes nutrients. 2 – The breakdown of food into energy. 3 – How your body breaks down foods. All three of these definitions are similar to the one I gave. I asked three athletes and two of the athletes are students in biology who have previous knowledge of metabolism. We all agreed that the body was processing something and that is what metabolism was.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. After reading the book definition of metabolism, where it says it is all ways in which the cells in an organism use energy, my definition and the definitions of the three people I asked were one sided in a way and focused on the body as a whole rather than the individual cells in our bodies. We all had one sense of metabolism and how it relates to how we get energy, as athletes, through food. However, after reading the definition, I now realize that metabolism is much more than that, and is a process every cell undergoes in order to use energy....
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