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Chapter 12 2 Bio

Chapter 12 2 Bio - animals is an issue which then becomes a...

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5. Microorganisms produce compounds, which many antimicrobial drugs are derived from, for their own defenses. Microorganisms are in constant competition for space, nutrients, and in the case of humans, with normal flora in order to survive. Therefore, these compounds that they produce are used to kill weaker microorganisms around them, which impede their growth and prosperity. 8. There are many concerns that need to be taken into consideration regarding the use of antibiotics in animal feed. Although animals grow more quickly, reaching market size sooner, and infections are decreased when the antibiotics are placed in the food, drug resistance from the
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Unformatted text preview: animals is an issue, which then becomes a problem for humans. If I were to develop a policy regarding antibiotics in animal food, I would consider the amount of antibiotics placed in the food, and how frequently the antibiotics are placed in the food. A decrease in the amount added to the feed and/or the frequency may reduce the drug resistance from the animals. The farmers would also benefit because they could sell to their product to consumers by saying that it is safer to eat because the likelihood for drug resistance is low....
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