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Unformatted text preview: Ancient China Ancient A Secularized Civilization Built on Secularized the Foundation of the Family Unit the Shang Dynasty Shang 1600 – 1027 BCE Preceded by Xia “Dynasty” Agricultural based Supremacy of family Yellow River Feudalistic Clans Ancestor reverence Government Loose central control King and bureaucracy Strong semi-autonomous regions Shang Dynasty Shang 1600 – 1027 BCE Secular emphasis Practical and earthly Education Writing 1500 BCE Logographs Oracle Bones Several dialects, one written language Shang Dynasty Shang 1600 – 1027 BCE Art/Architecture Advanced stone and bronze work Palaces and forts Religion Polytheistic Class-based Minor influence Zhou Dynasty Zhou 1027 – 221 BCE Mandate of Heaven Advanced bureaucracy Rule by force Retention of strong semi-autonomous regions Economics Well Field System Wet rice Wet Trade Mostly internal Semi-slavery Controlled by feudal lords Zhou Dynasty Zhou 1027 – 221 BCE Innovative Canal system Horse harness Iron-tipped plow Fertilizer Fallow land Literature Historians Poetry Calligraphy Zhou Dynasty Zhou 1027 – 221 BCE Internal/External threats Internal/External Breakdown of central authority in 771 BCE Era of Warring States – 400 – 221 BCE Zhou Dynasty Zhou 1027 – 221 BCE Confucius Kung Fuzi (551 – 479 BCE) Practical philosophy Harmony Duty and humanity Relationships Individuals Elderly to young Citizens and government Harmonious family Father figure king Zhou Dynasty Zhou 1027 – 221 BCE Rivals to Confucius Daoism In tune with nature Small government Legalism Human selfishness Mistrust of individual freedom Strong central control ...
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