Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 Mandelbaum The Cold War Reconsidered...

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Chapter 2: Mandelbaum “The Cold War Reconsidered” Cold war – Analogies Evolution – does not always involve direct battle between species, same with war – cold war did not involve direct battle but thro evolution some species survive and others die out and so it was with the cold war – communism died out. The mechanism that illustrates evolution is the same as in the cold war – Replication Mutation Adaptation The liberal system conquered the cold war because it conquered illiberal one but bc its features proved to be better adapted to their common environment Gorbachev: Last leader of soviet union Helped implement the fall and then helped to start the radical changes that then took place to turn Russia into a democracy Tried to make ties with other governments They lost the ability to sustain themselves A collapsed firm is often taken up by a rival – same with soviets, taken up by principles of former rival
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Liberal – popular sovergienty - protects against state All favor the interests of the individual Its governments conduct wars and war therefore enhances their power Cultural diffusion Spreading of cultural companies to other places and the new place took it and accepted it Gyros and sushi Mcdonalds spread throughout the world Mutated Waitresses in some parts – vegitarian in Indiana American rap done in other languages More countries around the world have become more democratic. The state is not going away because it provides security
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Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 Mandelbaum The Cold War Reconsidered...

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