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EC #2 - would be able to put in sidewalks in Talk about two...

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Board of Zoning Appeals, EC #2 This took place on March 15, 2007. First they called the role of all of the members on the board. The members that had shown plac’s were President Milan Pece, Tom Seeber, Jenny Southern, and Patrick Murray. The petition that was heard that night V-30-07 concerning Ford Sight Properties on 215-311 N. Kimble Drive. Looking to develop these properties into senior properties aimed at attendances 65 and older, asking if they would be able to allow 90 parking spaces not the required 111. There was a site map showing the set up. Then put up a aerial photograph of the four properties that are put up in petition They will try to work around the trees and environment as much as possible. Then they but up a site plan, saying that the new building would be 3 stories with 63 units, 32-two bedroom units, 31 one bedroom units. They talked about how the city most likely would not want to extend it, but they
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Unformatted text preview: would be able to put in sidewalks in. Talk about two partials there is not only this project but the partial to the north. Jenny Southern only concerned with the project was the average person that would live there would be an elderly man or women in the 70’s, since the Kimble drive it hard to get in and out of without creating a safely problem. Then the products said that they would want to put a light out in front so then it would be safer. But then it was pointed out that it would not be able to be put in until 2009. Its not assisted living but its not exactly apartments, its in between the two. It is income controlled. Based on the written findings and the staff report the V-30-07 was approved under the three conditions. The motion was passed, petition approved by all of the members on the Board of Zoning Appeals Board....
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