finalstudyguide4 - British Legal System deterrence is...

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Americans have twice the residential floor space than other developed countries 2/3 of all American housing are owned occupied Size of American Homes 1970; 36% of new home had less than 1,200 sq ft 1990; 9% of new homes had less than 1,200 sq ft 1993: 29% of new homes had more than 2,400 sq ft J. Edward Hoover- FBI started in 1930s no other national police agencies Low level of professionalism = The Mayberry or Barney Fife syndrome District Attorney (prosecuting attorney) – will decide if a case will go to trial 6 cases are determined by plea agreement for every case that go to trial 1988 out of 100 -19 people incarcerated -- 11 of 19 less than one year -- 8 of 19 more than one year 90% of all people sent to prison are male Countries with the most prisoners (2006) 1. US 2. People’s Republic of China 3. The Russian Republic Penal system should try to reform pensioners to come back to society (1960’s): Intermediate sentences Harsher punishment desired for pensioners (1980): Mandatory Minimum Sentences
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Unformatted text preview: British Legal System- deterrence is preferred alternative to prison Pew Report on Crime in America : improve Public Policy with the assistance of donor’s public and private organizations. Public Policy should be determined by fact-based research Today 1 out of a 100 people are in jail All Men (over 18) 1 of 54 White Men (over 18) 1 of 106 Hispanic Men(over 18) 1 of 36 Black Men (over 18) 1 of 15 Black men b/w 20 and 35 1 of 9 All Women (35 to 39) 1 of 265 White Women (35 to 39) 1 of 355 Hispanic Women (35 to 39) 1 of 297 Black Women (35 to 39) 1 of 100 Change by state Florida--Prison pop: 1993 – 53,000 2007 - 97,000 2013 – 125,000 Books and Bars—34, 43 or 72 Billion State employees in Correction Workforce= 11% Final Figures Prison population 1,596,000 Jail Population723,000 Total 2,319,000 US adult pop=229,786,000/ 2,319,000 = 99.1 99.1 behind bars in US...
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finalstudyguide4 - British Legal System deterrence is...

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