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Number 6, Extra Credit Meadowood Meadowood Health Pavilion Meadowood is located at 2455 Tamarack Trail Bloomington, IN 47408. When first approaching Meadowood, I had no idea what to expect from this Health Pavilion. The first thing that I seemed to notice was the sign. On the sign under the Meadowood title, was a 5-star rating and throughout the tour this rating proved itself time and time again. Meadow wood has basically two parts to the building, first the independent living side and on the other side is the nursing and rehabilitation program. Throughout the tour I was shocked to learn exactly how expensive private health care really seems to be. The first side that our tour went through was the nursing and rehabilitation program. There are different levels to the nursing program but the average for one to live their with full care twenty-four seven would be somewhere around 80,000. Granit the place and care seemed to be above average but who wouldn’t want top of the line care when you loose yourself to health care. It includes help with bathing, times to take
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