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Subject: Review of Stimulus Plans The Troubled Asset Relief Program, better known and referred to as TARP, proposed by the Bush Administration greatly differs from the bailout bill that our current President Obama, bill of the American Recovery and Reinvestment. To be honest this was difficult for me to break down and understand to the best of my ability. But as I took it slowly I found myself understanding the stimulus plans and therefore creating my own insights on the two stimulus plans. First looking at TARP, I noticed that it seems to closely resemble the trickle down theory. This theory suggests that if the wealthy only had more money, they would be highly motivated to invest more of it in the hope of making a profit, and these investments would then create more jobs, thus helping society in general. I believe Bush cut taxes for the wealthy, (making them more likely to spend there tax bonus) which would put more money back into the economy, helping the market out as a whole. Also I
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