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Unites States CONSTITUTION - pass an amendment resolution...

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Unites States CONSTITUTION Articles of Confederation, Ratified ______? On _________the Second Continental Congress appointed three committees, What was it in response of? ______ Two committees were formed, what was one of them used for? Who, what, and where from was the principle writer? Who named the Confederation “the United States of America”? What did the Confederation do? (Three things) When were the Articles of Confederation adopted? Finally the Articles were ratified in _____, by? With the Articles in place, whom did the Congress have to rely upon for its funds and for the executed of its degrees? What did the central gov’t receive from the individuals in the US and what came of this? Procedure for amending the CONSTITUTION 2 Ways: 1. Proposed amendment pass both US Senate and house by two-thirds vote and 75% of the states ratify the amendment within a set time period 2. Have two-thirds of the states to call for a Constitutional Convention to
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Unformatted text preview: pass an amendment resolution and have 75% of the state legislatures ratify the amendment-First ten amendments to the Constitution = “Bill of Rights” Amendment 1 Laws the gov’t cant make against:-Respecting eats of religion-Prohibiting free exercise thereof-Abridging the freedom of speech, or press-Rt of ppl to peacefully assemble-Petition the gov’t for redress of grievances RELIGIOUS FREEDOM-govt cant help hurt religions, cannot make a person believe something, or stop someone from believing something-gov’t can stop a person from a religious practice if it hurts Freedom Press/Speech-Freedom of Speech-someones right to say something is protected with certain limits, --ppl can suffer consequences for saying stuff-----ex person cannot yell in public place like fire if they know its not true-- issue of slander and libel has been used in theses cases...
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Unites States CONSTITUTION - pass an amendment resolution...

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