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3Topics - Also the idea of school uniforms is a difference...

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Casey Gresh Instructor Meredith Norris Eng 101 Sect 1421 Three Potential Topics 1) The first topic I am considering is teenage pregnancy. My sister became pregnant two years ago and now she has a little one-year old boy Jesse Zachary. I think this would be an interesting topic to examine because most people find it to be negative and undesirable, but I think people tend to stereotype the type of people this happens to and the after effects. Do teenage mothers wish for “regular” lives? How does this happen to people? Does it have to do with how they are brought up? 2) The second topic I am considering is private or religious education. I have been attending private religious school since kindergarten. It is very different from public schools because of the beliefs and practices that are enforced or taught.
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Unformatted text preview: Also, the idea of school uniforms is a difference. I attended an all-girls Catholic high school which was quite an experience in itself. How does this type of experience effect people? Does it cause children to be sheltered or rebel when they get the chance? Is one set of believes being taught a good thing? Should both sides be taught? 3) The third topic I am considering is body image. I definitely have issues with my body and I wonder if other people have the same issues. I try to eat healthy and be physically active but sometimes I want results that are just unnecessary and unattainable. Does everyone have some physical aspect about them that they would want to change? Is this a genetic issue or the environment?...
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