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Casey Gresh, Engl 101 Sec 1421 September 18, 2008 Audience Analysis My narrative could target a few different categories of reader. It probably aims towards teenagers and adults aging between about thirteen and fifty. This age group ranges to fit in possible “victims” of teen pregnancies and their parents. It could also include the age of any siblings, such as myself in this specific circumstance, that are old enough to understand and be impacted by the situation. I ask the question, “How does society judge teenagers who have become pregnant out of wedlock?” and “How does this judgment affect the teen, the family members, and the actions they take throughout the pregnancy?” The narrative is directed towards any social class, of any degree, and any of any race. I just want to let everyone realize that in this day and age, this sort of issue could affect anyone, and that their views of the situation as a community affect the teens and their families.
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