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Gresh 1 Casey Gresh Engl 101, Sec 1421 September 23, 2008 Meredith Norris The Biggest Mistake Pregnancy, stereotypically, is the state a man and woman enter into when they choose to have a child. Ideally, this state is forged between a married couple who is prepared for the upcoming journey ahead. When entered into correctly – by a happily married, well-prepared couple – pregnancy usually is a time of happiness and joy. However, when this state emerges by accident, typically negative emotions ensue. How can something that is so beautiful when is planned and within marriage be so terrifying when is unplanned and out of wedlock? Almost half of the total pregnancies in the United States are not planned, that is unintended. In today’s society, this unplanned pregnancy is not an entirely acceptable occurrence, and teen pregnancy is regarded even less. Even so, teen pregnancy is becoming more and more prevalent in this country. Why is this? Is there a correlation between how one is raised and her chances of becoming pregnant as a teenager? Does the environment she lives in play a role? Or is it merely due to the carelessness of this age’s teenagers? Approximately one year and nine months ago my sister conceived what is now my one-year old little nephew Jesse Zachary. She was almost seventeen years old and had no committed relationship to speak of with the father. Perhaps if she had been in a relationship with him, she would not have become pregnant. It appears as though teenagers or people in general are more careful regarding sexual intercourse if they actually have some sort of commitment to their partner. Nevertheless, is society more accepting of pregnancy when it is within partners who have a public relationship with each other? It seems as though a lot of societal perception regarding this subject has changed within the last few decades. Pregnancy outside of marriage used to be entirely intolerable, not to mention outside of any relationship whatsoever, whereas nowadays, premarital or extramarital pregnancy is becoming more and
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FinalDraft1 - Gresh 1 Casey Gresh Engl 101, Sec 1421...

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